#20 Brad Crandell – Varsity Coach (2013)

Crandall_profile_sm_borderName: Brad Crandell #20

Team: Varsity

Season: 2013

Nick Name: Cran-deez

College Attended: UW Madison

Favorite MLB Team: Minnesota Twins

Favorite MLB Player: Kirby Pucket and Cal Ripken Jr.

Favorite Baseball Memory: Coaching at the State Tournament in 2011.

Baseball Rituals: Too many to list.

Other High School Sports: Football

Hobbies Outside of Baseball: Alpine Skiing, Music, Movies, Reading, Being outdoors

Favorite Food: Seafood Risotto

Favorite Teacher/Mentor: My high school baseball coach Casey Eckardt

Favorite School Subject: Any Math Class

Favorite Quote: “They give you a round bat and they throw you a round ball. And they tell you to hit it square!” – Willie Stargell

Dream Job: College Football or Baseball Coach

Dream Car: ’68 Chevelle SS


Updated: 03/13/2014

Author: Team Editor

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