Freshman Schedule (2015)

04-07-155:00PMMadison WestBadger Ridge8-41 - 0
04-09-155:00PM Away vs. MiddletonMiddleton High School5-111- 1
04-14-155:00PM Away vs. Janesville Craig HHSJanesville Craig High School9-32 - 1
04-16-155:00PMJanesville ParkerBadger Ridge14-33 - 1
04-18-152:00PMBeloit MemorialBadger Ridge11-14 - 1
04-21-155:00PM Away vs. Madison EastKelliher Field16-25 - 1
04-23-155:00PM Away vs. Madison La FolletteMadison La Follette High School17-06 - 1
04-28-155:00PMSun Prairie RedBadger Ridge
04-30-155:00PMMadison MemorialBadger Ridge
05-05-155:00PM Away vs. Madison WestMadison West High School
05-07-155:00PMMiddletonBadger Ridge
05-09-1511:00AMJanesville Craig HHSBadger Ridge
05-12-155:00PM Away vs. Janesville ParkerJanesville Parker High School
05-14-155:00PM Away vs. Beloit MemorialBeloit Memorial High School
05-19-155:00PMMadison EastBadger Ridge
05-21-155:00PMMadison La FolletteBadger Ridge
05-26-155:00PM Away vs. Sun Prairie RedCardinals Heights Upper Middle Sch
05-28-155:00PM Away vs. Madison MemorialOlson Field- Jefferson Middle School

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Author: Team Editor

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