Varsity Schedule & Calendar (2015)

4/25:00PM Away vs. MiltonSchilberg Park13-21 - 0
4/411:00AMKaukaunaStampfl Field11-82 - 0
4/41:00PMKaukaunaStampfl Field9-63 - 0
4/75:00PM Away vs. Madison WestMansfield Stadium5-04 - 0
4/1112:00PMMiddletonMiddleton High School6-25 - 0
4/145:00PMJanesville Craig HHSStampfl Field1-75 - 1
4/165:00PM Away vs. Janesville ParkerRiverside Park, Janesville2-75 - 2
4/182:00PM Away vs. Beloit MemorialBeloit Telfer Park0-45 - 3
4/215:00PMMadison EastStampfl Field12-26 - 3
4/235:00PMMadison La FolletteStampfl Field9-27 - 3
4/285:00PM Away vs. Sun PrairieSun Prairie High School3-28 - 3
4/29TBDPortageMiller Park
4/305:00PM Away vs. Madison MemorialMansfield Stadium
5/15:00PMBeaver DamStampfl Field
5/55:00PMMadison WestStampfl Field
5/75:00PM Away vs. MiddletonMiddleton High School
5/911:00AM Away vs. Janesville Craig HHSRiverside Park, Janesville
5/115:00PM Away vs. OregonOregon High School
5/125:00PMJanesville ParkerStampfl Field
5/145:00PMBeloit MemorialStampfl Field
5/195:00PM Away vs. Madison EastWarner Park
5/215:00PM Away vs. Madison La FolletteWarner Park
5/285:00PMMadison MemorialStampfl Field

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Author: Team Editor

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