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Don’t forget that players need to be registered and have submitted all their documentation before they can participate in workouts and tryouts. This process should be completed on-line and documents uploaded to the VNN site or turned into the athletic office no later than Friday to be in the system for the Monday tryouts. Pitchers and catchers need to have their paperwork in immediately for this week’s workouts. You do not need to pay the VAHS extracurricular fee until teams are announced.

If a player has participated in another sport earlier this year, their documentation is valid for baseball as well. Simply add Baseball to their 2017-2018 season. If this is the first sport for the player this year, here are the steps:

  • Head to the VAHS Athletics site, and click “Register An Athlete” in the upper-right corner.
  • If you do not already have a VNN parent account, create one using either the “Sign Up” link at the bottom of the login window, or via Facebook using the button at the top.
  • If you have registered the player for another sport or for last year, they should already be in your account. Click on “View or Add Registrations” under their name and then click “New Registration” at the bottom  of the athlete detail screen. Add 2017-2018 Baseball.
  • If the player has not been registered on VNN before, click “New Student” and select VAHS on the next page. Over the next few pages, you will add the player’s contact, medical, etc. information and select a sport. Choose 2017-2018 Baseball.
  • On the final page of registration, you are asked to read and accept several important documents and submit documentation for the player. On this screen, you can download each required document:
    • Concussion Fact Sheet: Download, read, and acknowledge by checking the boxes.
    • Code of Conduct: Download, read, and acknowledge by checking the boxes.
    • Emergency Treatment Form: Download the form, fill out, scan or take a legible (high-res) photo, and upload the completed form.
    • Physical Clearance Form OR Alternate Year Card: A WIAA clearance form (requiring a physician’s assessment of health for sports) must be submitted at least every other year. Download the appropriate form, fill out, scan or take a legible (high-res) photo, and upload the completed form.

Once documents are uploaded, you are finished with registration. You can leave the documents page and return to the site later to upload documents. Click on the “Manage Documents” link on your player’s card from your VNN home page after logging in to return to the documents page.

Note that the baseball program does not collect fess on this site, so no payments are needed here.

You can also sign up for news alerts for various sports in the upper right-hand corner of your VNN login.

Author: Matt Haffner

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